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Analysis of results in the (single) results chart

A Results chart is created automatically for each Rating. The chart visualizes the data of the Results table.

Budget allocation is represented by a pie chart. All other rating methods produce bar charts. Charts on multiple criteria display datapoints or 'bubbles' in a coordinate system.

Accessibility of the chart

By default, the results of any particular Rating are only accessible after it is over.

While Rating is in progress, the Facilitator or any participant entering the Results chart will not see the current state of the results but merely an anonymous "progress meter" which informs on the status of the rating process. Most participants will control their curiosity if you explain that this restriction provides a level playing field, not just in the rating process but also in analysis. It is fairer if nobody knows the state of play when they submit their ratings. It is also fairer that the results are revealed to all at the same time rather than giving some the advantage who can prepare their view on how the results should be read.

To access the Results, simply 'close' the Rating sheet.

That said, if you have good cause to enable access to the results while rating is in progress, you can do so by selecting the relevant option in the 'Other' settings tab of the Rating sheet.


For a joint, facilitated analysis, it is easiest to share your screen and walk participants through the chart.

Alternatively, open the chart for participants for them to browse independently. In this case, use 'Focus' to draw attention to specific items. 'Focus' will also communicate your settings regarding Team comparison etc which means that you can use it to provide (force) a shared view of the chart when needed.

  • Select one or several items in the item list to highlight the corresponding graphic item (bar or piece of pie) and vice versa.
  • Click 'outside' or press 'Esc' to reset selection (deselect all)”.
  • If rating has occurred "by team", view results for each team or compare teams via the 'Team comparison' widget in the bottom status bar.
  • If items have been categorized in folders,
    • Bar charts can be 'structured' by folder i.e. show results for one folder, then the next and so on
    • Pie charts will let you aggregate results 'by folder' i.e. the pieces of the pie show allocation of all items in each folder
  • Mouse-over individual data points (bars, pieces of pie) to display that item's mean rating and (normalized) Standard Deviation (SD).


It often makes sense to take top-rated items or which are of particular interest for other reasons forward for discussion (e.g. "Why is this so important/urgent/effective?) or for analysis by other criteria (e.g. "Are these 'highly effective' measures also 'feasible', 'affordable' and 'safe'?").

For this, select the relevant items and copy them to the clipboard via the toolbar's 'Copy' menu or keyboard shortcut 'ctrl+c', then switch to the target workspace, in our example a 'Discussion' or a 'Rating sheet' of that multi-criteria analysis and paste the items via the 'Copy' menu or shortcut 'ctrl+v'.