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Center view 'My Meetings'

Meeting center view 'My meetings' holds all your meetings.

  • Create new meetings with the 'plus'  button of the toolbar
  • Duplicate meetings with the meeting item's 'COPY' button
  • Enter meetings with the meeting item's 'ENTER' button
  • Open and close meetings for participants with the 'open' switch on the meeting item

When you pull a copy from a meeting, the new meeting will differ from the source meeting

  • by it's address on the Internet (URL) which is assigned automatically and must be unique
  • by the meeting and workspaces being 'closed' to participants even when they were open in the source meeting

Show / hide old unused meetings with switch 'Show all' which sits on the bottom right of the view.

(Automatic) closing of meetings

It is good practice to close meetings for participants when they have run their course. Closing removes the meeting's login page from the Internet and restricts access to its Leader (you). You can, of course, open meetings again at any time.

MeetingSphere assists Leaders by closing meetings whose end date lies in the past after a given period of inactivity (default: 1 day) automatically.

Automatic filtering and deletion of old unused meetings

MeetingSphere helps to keep your view tidy and fast by hiding meetings which

  • are closed
  • you have not accessed for 30 (default), 60 or 90 days

Unhide these meetings with the switch 'Show all' which sits at the bottom left of the view.

Deletion. Your Meeting center is not an archive. If you no longer need a meeting, delete it.

If do not access old meetings for 1 year (default), they are deleted automatically.