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Anytime online meetings

Anytime meetings run over an extended period of time during which participants can contribute in their own time.

This is perfect for

  • gathering ideas, opinions or facts (Brainstorm)
  • exchanging views and arguments on a set of topics (Discussion)
  • assessing a list of items on one or more criteria (Rating)

or anything where you do not need dynamic interaction between your participants, or even prefer reflected over spontaneous contributions.

Sometimes you may want to use an anytime meeting instead of a (same-time) web conference simply because you need the input quicker than you can arrange for a shared time slot between all the participants you need. If you ask on Monday, most people will find some time by 'Friday end of play' or Monday morning while few could make a specific time e.g. Friday 9 - 10 EST.       

Consider running an 'anytime' meeting ahead of important same-time or face-to-face meetings: To get input early. To develop an agenda. For anything that helps you save the premium time in the 'real' meeting for what requires direct or even personal interaction.

You can run multiple anytime meetings in parallel with your regular web conferences.

Anytime meetings do not require voice-conferencing support since people will 'meet' only accidentally. Disable the voice service to manage expectations.